With over 45 years in the industry, we specialize in printing Cut Sheet and Pressure Seal laser checks and deposit advice.

We can print as few as 500, or up to millions in quantity. Brooks-Allan offers Check 21 compliance on all our checks, along with other security features such as thermochromic inks, white opaque security watermark backers, SecurLaser (toner adhesion on both sides of the form), Chemical Reactivity, VOID pantographs, Microprinting, CPSA Certified Padlock, and many other features to help you deter unauthorized duplication of your checks.

Brooks-Allan also utilizes premium security paper, which is another way to help you protect your checks. The stub on your check can also be customized with your company information to ensure the recipient posts it to the right account. It can be as plain as just your company name and address or screened to match your checks. Try something different: How about a phantom of your company logo in the center of your check and stub? Ask one of our experts about the image and features that will work for your business.