It all starts when somebody says, “Who wants to chair Spirit Wear?”

Wanting to help, you say “Me!”

Soon you find that good help is few and far between.  You’re stuck finding the clothing vendor, designing the shirt, making the order forms, passing them out, collecting the order forms, collecting the money, tallying the orders, placing the orders, organizing all the product when it finally comes in, bagging the orders and then finally, passing them out. Hours and hours of stressful work…… And yes… are a volunteer!!

There is an easier way…. Spirit Wear in a Bag. At Brooks-Allan, we understand the important balance of reinforcing loyalty, creating spirit, and fundraising. We have developed a program to make it easy for you.

  • We help you design a new logo or use your existing logo or mascot.
  • We’ll help you select trendy or traditional apparel, while carefully considering diversity of sizes and budgets.
  • We will provide complimentary order forms, payment processing, and product fulfillment. We offer generic sizing kits for use at your school or office. We will set up sizing sets so that your members can try on apparel at your event, or they can stop by and try on apparel at our office.
  • We double-check each individual’s order to confirm the accuracy of the final count prior to production – zero possibility for missed orders!
  • We provide a clean, smoke-free, allergen-free warehouse for order fulfillment. When it comes time to fill the orders, we pick, pack, check, double-check, individually bag, and enclose the original order form. That’s the process for every order that leaves our facility- it’s the Brooks-Allan way!
  • The individual bags are then delivered and ready to pass out – No hassle! A donation is then made to your organization for each item ordered. Your organization may also increase the prices of the pieces to increase your profits.